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Activity Badges


Activity Badges are another way of recognising the achievements of Scouts who have learnt a new skill, or who have taken part in an activity for a certain period of time.


Requirements for the following badges are listed in this section:

In addition to these, there are six Activity Badges staged across these Sections.

These are:

The Staged Activity Badges have been designed to provide a unified approach throughout the Sections.

All the Staged Activity Badges have 5 stages, except Nights Away - which has 12 and Hikes Away, which has six. This means that a young person can gain whichever badge is appropriate to the level they have reached. It is possible, for example, for a Beaver Scout who is an excellent swimmer to gain a higher level badge than a Scout who has just taken up the activity.


Since the Activity Badges cover a wide range of subjects, it is unlikely that any Scout Leader will have the expertise needed to assess all of these badges. Wherever possible, an appropriate assessor should be found. This may be a Leader or Helper in another Section or another group, a Young Leader, a member of the Scout Fellowship or a parent/carer. In some cases, use of an external assessor is appropriate, for example, using a fire-fighter to assess the Fire Safety Badge.