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Payments to Arctic Fox ESU
I have been made aware that a small sum of cash was missing from some subs payments from last termRead more ....


Our annual ice skating trip is being circulated by email this week..........

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Partnership Awards

A further option to help your Balanced Programme are the three Partnership Awards.

A partner may be within Scouting, including Scout Network(s) or an appropriate external organisation. Examples would include:

  • A Beaver Scout Colony, Cub Scout Pack, Scout Troop, Explorer Scout Unit and a Scout Network working together

  • A Beaver Scout Colony, Cub Scout Pack and a Scout Troop working together

  • Four Explorer Scout Units working together

  • A Scout Troop with a local British Trust for Conservation Volunteers

  • A Scout Network working with a local authority or Scout Fellowship.  


Requirements for the following badges are listed in this section: