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Each explorer is free to choose whether they wear sea, air or land explorer uniforms, whereby representing their own upbringing in the scouting movement. Young people joining from outside the movement may chose to wear any of the uniforms.
The full identity of the unit will be brought together through the scarf, which will be the same for all members of the unit. The unit supplies the scarf, woggle and initial set of badges at the point of investiture. Once invested the scarf becomes the young persons responsibility and any scarves that are lost will need to be purchased through the unit and paid for by the young person.


The full formal uniform must be worn to parades and whenever requested at meetings. The top half of uniform is expected to be worn weekly unless otherwise stated in event information. However a lot of activities do take place outside the usual meeting place, where the uniform may not be suitable to be worn. In addition to the formal uniform we have, Branded polo shirts, rugby shirts and hoodies which are available for purchase.

If you would like either the rugby shirt, hoodie and/or polo shirt then please ask the leaders for details.

Explorer Uniform